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To All Village Residents and Property Owners:

On October 27th, 2020, the Village Board passed Ordinance V20-16 that amended the Garners Creek Stormwater Utility to the Village of Harrison Stormwater Utility. This ordinance changes the charging of the stormwater fees from only a portion of the Village to the whole Village. 

The reason for this change is that the State of Wisconsin and the Department of Natural Resources have adopted phosphorus limits for Lake Winnebago that will require the Village to construct stormwater management facilities throughout the Village to reduce the amount of pollutants going into Lake Winnebago. Because these facilities will service areas outside the original Garners Creek basin, the Village Board determined that it would be most equitable if the stormwater utility were expanded to include the whole Village.

Due to these changes, property owners noticed a change on their tax bill. Those property owners who were located outside the original Garners Creek Stormwater Utility saw an increase of $50 per ERU (equivalent runoff unit) per residential parcel. For those property owners that were located in the original Garners Creek Stormwater Utility, they saw a decrease in their stormwater utility bill from $96 per ERU per residential parcel to $50 per ERU. If you own a parcel that is not residential, the ERU will be charged on a pro-rated basis. Unimproved agricultural land will not be charged a stormwater fee.

In February and March of 2021, the Village Board passed an ordinance amendment V21-06 and policy to allow for credits and adjustments to the stormwater fee.  Residential property owners that have a home on two or more parcels, own contiguous parcels, or own a parcel across the street may have their ERUs adjusted.  Non-residential property owners may receive ERU credits for reducing flow rates and/or improving water quality.  Non-metallic mining operations may receive ERU credits if certain conditions are met. 

All adjustment or credit requests must be made in writing by submitting the Stormwater Utility Credit Application form.  A copy of such form is included in this posting by clicking on the link or you may request a form by contacting the Village. 

Please complete the Stormwater Utility Credit Application form and return it to the Village for possible ERU credit or adjustment.  Any application received prior to April 1, 2021 may be adjusted for the prior year (2020 tax bill) and possible reimbursement of the stormwater fee, or portion thereof, that was already paid.  If you have any questions, please contact the Village Manager at 920-989-1062.