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2021 Village Improvements & Projects


KIMBERLY HEIGHTS: Touchdown, Mullholland, Varsity, Rosella, Hoelzel, and Jones.
HIDDEN PINES: Sweetgrass Trail and Wildflower Trail.
KAMBURA: Ryford, Zach, and Connor Circle.

Kimberly Heights Subdivision
- All concrete work is completed,
Top soil is happening now and then seeding. A crew should be in sometime next week to do fine grading fallowed by asphalt. The big garbage dumpster has been pulled out so the regular garbage route can resume.

Kambura Acres Subdivision Curb should be going in stating tomorrow or Wednesday fallowed by sidewalk and aprons. No words yet on road grading.  

Hidden Pines Subdivision  - Everything is staked out so sidewalk prep could be starting in the next week.

Noe Road Trail  - resurfacing is completed.
Highland Court  - concrete culverts are installed.

Updated schedule for road construction in Kimberly Heights, Kambura Acres and Hidden Pines* is now available. Check the scheduled timeline of each project,  Road Paving Projects' Schedule to be aware of when your street may be affected.

update 7/25/21 
Coop Road Culvert Replacement project is underway. The bridge will be closed from August 3, 2021 through August 17, 2021. The road will frequently be single lane or closed, so please use an alternative route whenever possible.  Coop Road Culvert Replacement Project time line

update 6/25/21

Darboy Community Park - both parking lots and the trail around the soccer fields will be torn up on Monday 6/28/2021. Anticipate gravel for at least 1 full week of prep work before they will be re-paved.
Thank you for your patience!

update: 6/11/21
Northeast Asphalt will be completing street paving of Noe Road from Midway Road to Manitowoc Road, including the following streets: African Violet Drive, Blue Bonnet Drive, Bouquet Drive, Daffodil Drive, Easter Lily Drive, Geranium Drive, Petunia Court, Phlox Drive, Sweet Clover Drive, Sweet Pea Drive, and Sweet William Drive. 

In addition, the bid included street paving of the Hidden Pines Subdivision (Sweetgrass Trail & Wildflower Trail), Kambura Acres Subdivision phases 3 &4 (Connor Circle, Zach Street & Ryford Street), and the Kimberly Heights Subdivision phases 1-3 (Dusty Drive, Hoelzel Way, Jones Way, Mulholland Lane, Rosella Drive, Schreiber Lane, Touchdown Drive, & Varsity Lane). 

The contractor will be starting work the week of May 17th.  See the  Road Paving Projects' Schedule   for more detailed information regarding the construction schedule for each area.  The contractor is responsible for informing residents of impacts to their specific property.  The contractor intends to work 6:30am-8:00pm Monday-Friday in order to complete the work in a timely manner.  Some Saturday work may occur depending on the status of the project.  All streets will remain open to local traffic, except Noe Road may be closed for a few hours while storm sewer is installed. 

If you have any questions, please contact the Public Works Department at 920-989-1139 or the main office at 920-989-1062.