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Construction and Garbage Trucks

As everyone that has been through a major street construction project knows, they are very inconvenient ... the blocked driveways, having to park down the street, the noise, the dust ... but the worst has to be the uncertainty of if the garbage truck will be able to pick up the garbage!!!

Unfortunately, that happens quite often on big projects.

So what do people do when their garbage can't be picked up for a week?
       Reduce the amount of trash you create.
       Reduce the size of the trash or recycling by breaking down the packages or containers.
        Ask friends or family if they have room in their bins.
        Put "rodent attractive" / smelly trash in the bin and non-rodent attractive / smelly trash in a plastic bag in the garage.
        Take it to the landfill (for a fee).

What can't they do? It is against ordinances to put household trash in a public bin (like at a park) or in a private owned business without their permission.

We realize this is an inconvenience, but be patient and accept that this is  all part of a street project that won't last forever.