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Garbage Cart Delivery Update as of 1:30 PM January 10, 2022.

GFL is reporting their delivery service is down to the last 400 recycling carts which they expect to finish today.  Tomorrow they will move unused carts to storage and make delivery to any missed accounts of which they are aware.  Please call the Village at 920-989-1062 to report if you are missing a new GFL trash or recycling cart. 

The Village continues to get calls about when the old carts are getting picked up.  Waste Management is working on it.   They did not have any change to the update from January 7.

Garbage Cart Delivery Update as of 4:00 PM January 7, 2022.

Retrieval of Old Carts by Waste Management is at the following status:  

  • For those who normally get trash service on Monday- Over 50% completed (will start removing rest of carts on Monday January 10th and Tuesday January 11th).
  • For those who normally get trash service on Tuesday- Completed.
  • For those who normally get service on Wednesday – Starting removal on Wednesday January 12th.
  • For those who normally get service on Thursday- Working today (Friday, January 7) and Monday (January 10th) to complete.

Distribution of new carts by GFL:

The distribution of trash carts has made it once through for all four routes.  They are now tending to missed accounts and will assist the other crew with recycling carts.

The distribution of recycling carts is at the following status:

  • For those who normally get trash service on Monday – a couple hundred remaining to be distributed. This crew is working now and anticipate finishing this route Saturday at the latest.
  • For those who normally get service on Tuesday – about 90% complete.
  • For those who normally get service on Wednesday – about 25% complete.
  • For those who normally get service on Thursday – 98% complete.
Garbage Cart Delivery Update as of 1:00 PM January 6, 2022.
The service used by GFL currently has 2 crews working.  Crew 1 will  finish delivery of the trash carts to the Thursday route people.  When the Thursday people are complete they will start over by delivering trash carts to the Monday through Wednesday service accounts that were missed. 

Crew 2 is delivering recycling carts.  They are starting with the Monday accounts that were missed and progressing through the Village in order of service day.  

When crew 1 has completed all of the trash cart deliveries they will assist crew 2 with the recycling carts.  

Both crews will work over the weekend.

Garbage Cart Delivery Update as of 3:30 PM January 5, 2022.
Just a quick note to remind everyone who gets their trash picked up on Thursdays:  if you have not yet received a GFL recycling cart but still have one from Waste Management you can put it out at the curb and GFL will dump it.

Garbage Cart Delivery Update as of 12:00 PM January 5, 2022.
GFL is reporting the following status of cart delivery:

They are working on Thursday routes today.  The service anticipates finishing the garbage carts but likely will not finish distributing recycling carts.  

They completed distribution of trash carts for people who get their service on Wednesdays but estimate only 25% of the accounts received their recycling carts. 

After today's distribution they will loop around and distribute both trash and recycling for all missed accounts.

Garbage Cart Delivery Update as of 10:00 AM January 4, 2022.

GFL is reporting the following status of delivery for carts:
For people receiving service on Mondays:  This is the least complete set of recipients.  GFL is trying to deliver carts ahead of their trash collection service this week.  Since many residents still had Waste Management carts yesterday the garbage was collected using them.  When the other days are complete GFL will circle back for people who receive service on Mondays.

For people receiving service on Tuesdays: 
Garbage carts are complete and recycling is approximately 35% complete.  The service plans to complete recycling for Tuesdays today.

For people receiving service on Wednesdays: 
garbage carts are over half complete and more than 100 recycling carts delivered.  The plan is to finish delivery for Wednesday pick ups by the end of the day today.

For people receiving service on Thursdays:
Plan to perform this delivery tomorrow to stay ahead of trash/recycling pick-up.

A different GFL truck is collecting the bags at the curb, so do not panic if the "grabber" truck skips you.  Any bags uncollected at this time are for a Wednesday service.

Garbage Cart Delivery Update as of 4:00 PM December 29, 2021

The new garbage collection service, GFL (Green For Life), begins garbage and recycling collection on Monday, January 3rd.

Unfortunately their cart delivery service has experienced a disruption.  GFL buys new carts from their supplier and it is the supplier who delivers them.  The supplier hires traveling teams of labor to perform the delivery and it is this crew that unexpectedly became unavailable this week.  GFL is working to assemble their own labor pool to resume delivery but they are also experiencing a shortage of labor due to COVID-19.

Residents can pick up their own cart if they wish from the parking lot of Darboy Community Park.  They should send an e-mail to the Village informing them of this with their address so they do not get a second set delivered to them.  They can e-mail  Please only attempt to retrieve a cart during daylight hours.

GFL is telling us that any resident who has not yet received a GFL cart can use a Waste Management cart.  If Waste Management has collected their cart GFL is directing us to put the bags of trash at the curb and GFL will pick those up on your service day.

GFL is also waiting for the delivery of additional recycling carts.  They anticipate the recycling carts will be delivered next week.  If something unforeseen happens and residents do not have a recycling cart next week the Village will arrange with GFL to have a recycling dumpster at the Municipal Building.

The Village apologizes for this confusion.  Circumstances are beyond the control of the Village and the vendor.  This is a fluid situation and may change as GFL and Village staff work on the issue.

December 23, 2021 Update:  
Waste Management experienced mechanical problems that caused them to miss pick up of recycling on some Village streets.  They are working to pick up those streets.  Their goal is to complete the missed streets on Friday, December 24 but will continue on Monday if it is not finished.  Thank you for your patience.