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Begins October 4th for Harrison Utilities customers

Hydrant flushingBegins October 4th
Harrison Utility will begin fall hydrant flushing on OCTOBER 4TH and continue until all hydrants are flushed – approximately OCTOBER 15TH.

Hydrants are flushed semi-annually as part of our maintenance program. Hydrants need to be flushed to maintain the quality of the water system, remove sediment from the water mains, verify the proper operation of the hydrants and valves, and to maintain firefighting capability.

You may experience a drop in water pressure while the hydrants are flushed in your neighborhood. After flushing a hydrant, it is common for your water to have some discoloration. This is NORMAL and, although it is still safe to drink, you should run your COLD WATER taps until it runs clear. We caution residents to ensure their water is running clear before using a dish washer or clothes washer as staining may occur.  

If you have any questions or concerns, you can contact Harrison Utilities at 920-731-0002